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Best service dog ever ._._._._
It’s a beautiful day to train some pooch
Ms Matilda is learning how to master wal
I always tell my clients to get their ki
Do you own a rabbit_ This is Aurora (gra
We love our oversized service dogs! Kai
Isn’t Thor beautiful_ We love watching o
Must. Focus. To. Get. Cookie
Blu did amazing working on her stay comm
Today we tackled walking 4 dogs at once!
Looking forward to catching up with some
This is the Intermediate class in their
Hanging out with 2 of my favorite client

Changing the way training looks with diligence, patience, and consistency. 

About Us

We are more than a training company.


We strive to enable owners to communicate effectively to their pets using simple and straightforward techniques to get success with their furry companions. 


We currently offer private training, group classes, and house/petsitting. 


Consultations are required in order to start any level of private training. At a consultation you'll be able to sit down and discuss your training goals and get an assessment on your pup to ensure how long it will take to achieve the set training goals.

Private Training 

Private training covers everything from basic obedience to full service dog training. Here at Rocky Camp we utilize positive reinforcement combined with positive punishment to achieve success without resorting to bullying or fear enduring techniques. We believe in techniques that allow our furry friends to see us as their confidants and not an object of fear

Group Classes

Periodically we offer group classes ranging from basic obedience to therapy/service level distraction and behavioral training. These classes are held at public locations where pets are permitted. 

Consultation    $140

Private Session   $100*    

Group Classes   $250 

*$100 per one dog. $20 for each additional dog 

**$20 for clients 15 miles or more from 92832


Our Team

Tj Punchard 

Lead Behaviorist 

Tj received his first Masters in Psychology with a focus on animal behavior and child cognition from Long Island University Brooklyn in New York and his second MA is in Clinical Psychology with Rosemead at Biola. Tj is currently studying for his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with Rosemead at Biola University. With over 10 years of experience Tj has been working with various types of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and other livestock.

Eric Thompson 

Georgia Pet Trainer 

Eric recently joined forces with Rocky Camp and is working under Tj to learned anything and everything about animal psychology and behavior modification. Eric served in the U.S. Navy for 8 years as an Aviation Technician and is a devoted husband and father. Eric has been interested in animals all his life and started training large breed dogs at 13 years old. Over the years Eric has worked with numbers breeds and owners and is excited to share his expertise with you. Eric currently offers basic obedience for owners in the Georgia area.


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