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About Us

We are more than a training company.


We strive to enable owners to communicate effectively to their pets using simple and straightforward techniques to get success with their furry companions. We don't just rely on trick training or "quick fix" methods but are passionate about our clients understanding animal behavior and psychology in order to help establish rules and boundaries without resulting to bullying or fear inducing techniques

This company started off as a part time dog training gig in order to help our head behaviorist Tj Punchard pay his way through undergrad. Eventually Tj realized the potential to do more than just train pets and looked into how he could open up the opportunity for those who really need service and therapy animals. 

Now with a masters in animal behavior and cognition, a second masters in clinical psychology, and pursing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology our lead behaviorist Tj's hope is to eventually become a one-stop shop for service and therapy training along with the ability to process the work with the clients in a training session. 

We offer training for all levels from basic obedience to service dog to protection training. 


Is you're looking to really understand your pet and how to get a balanced household then it is time to sign up for a session!  

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